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Pilot Program Involvement

Partnering with the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture’s pilot program through the USDA will not only provide the farmer with funding for application of the rock dust, but also gives cobenefits such as increased yields, improved soil health, a reduction in soil acidity, and a reduced carbon footprint for the farm.


Rock Dust Application

Soil Health Monitoring

Organic Farms

For farms where test plots will be larger than 40 acres, the farmer will recieve $50/acre in funding.


For farms where test plots will be smaller than 40 acres, the farmer will recieve a base payment of $2000.

The YCNCC will cover all costs associated with sourcing, trucking, and spreading of the rock dust.

All sources of rock dust will be rigorously tested before application to ensure they are up to standard.

We are able to provide OMRI-certified organic rock dust in most areas in the U.S.

Our OMRI-certified material is sourced from Specialty Granules LLC, and certified products can be found here.

All farms involved in the pilot program will have their fields routinely monitored by the YCNCC team.

Soil sampling will be conducted primarily to monitor rock weathering rates and soil pH levels.

Image by Steven Weeks

If you are interested in getting involved in a pilot project on your farm, please leave us your contact information below.

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